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Information you didn't know you needed about doing business with government

About & Disclaimer

Due to my current employment, I cannot give any specific advise or information.  This is just stuff I wish I knew when I was you.

Long ago, I was a small businessman.  I clearly remember having a great idea to try to compete for government business.  I was immediately impressed with what I considered to be terrifying complexities to even hope for some small crumb.  I felt tired and worn out just looking at the possibility.  And, so I just stopped right there and never considered it again.  This was in the late 90’s.

Fast forward to now, I am primarily an IT professional and Project Manager working for the government for the past 14 years and now have “empty nest” with time on my hands.  I not only make ZERO money from this blog, I actually pay wordpress for the service.  This is a labor of love, not profit in any way at all.  Beats spending money on Amazon & OfferUp as a pastime…

My commercial certifications include CISSP and PMP.  All other certifications I have are due to my additional duties that relate to federal contracting.  I am not a Contracting Officer and would never want those headaches and stress.

But I do remember, and have empathy.  It is an exotically complex process for the government side of any and all transactions – whether incidental or contractual.  But it doesn’t have to scare off the small business owner.  I wish I had a “navigator” to demystify how to do business with the government.

The governments (State, Federal, Local) really do want to prefer small & disadvantaged businesses.  There are actually laws that intend to favor those in many circumstances.  My hope is that people I will never meet might feel more confident to fairly bid and compete for governments’ business.


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