FREE Training Resources for CUI

Upfront: Don’t panic or needlessly spend money on training courses for CUI.

IF you are a federal contractor that handles, stores, processes, or generates information that falls into the “Controlled Unclassified Information” (CUI) category, THEN you do have a need to understand and comply with the requirements.

I’ve seen a good amount of anxiety online about the imperative to get CUI training.  The courses I’ve seen offered have been webinars that cost several hundred dollars to attend.  If your preference as a business is to be able to boast about certificates in your marketing, go for it.

I advise you, however, to first demystify the issue with the FREE videos available from the US National Archives on YouTube.

Bottom Line: Don’t panic about CUI until you at least know what it is first.  If you watched every FREE (and Official) video, you have invested less than 2 hrs of your time and maybe save yourself anxiety and hundreds of dollars.