Upfront: All federal contracts must be invoiced and paid through a website.

This website is called “Wide Area Workflow” (WAWF) and is pronounced as “waff.” WAWF is a suite of server-side apps that document and track the performance and payment of contracts.  Yes, that is greatly simplified but from a contractor’s point of view, it is sufficient.

So What? If you are going to be awarded a contract with the federal government, you will need to have someone skilled with these types of web-portals.  All of your invoices must be submitted through WAWF, and receipt of your goods/services will be noted through WAWF also.  On the government side, WAWF is used to route the processing of paying the validated invoice.  Payment will likely be through the GPC for “small” invoices.

Bottom Line: If you do not already have an Information Technology expert or someone highly proficient with web-portals, make sure you hire someone or learn prior to contracting.  It will save you many hours and headaches in the business side of the deal.