If you have a desire to provide the government with services or products, this is the most important foundation you should understand.  It will save you lots of frustration.  The more you intimately understand this post, the better you will be able to operate.

Why do the government folks do what they do, and say what they say?

Upfront:  law.

People often wish the government would operate like a business.  It cannot.

The government cannot even “imitate” business behavior because Citizens are not customers that can just walk away from products, services, and terms.  The only “product” a government produces is The Law.

Therefore, absolutely everything a government employee does is because a law was passed that either directly or implicitly directs the task.

This is the water we swim, and we can never forget it.

So What? When something seems unreasonable, duplicative, unnecessary, or inefficient it is because processes, tasks, and requirements don’t have to make sense (business-wise).  It does, however, have to be legal and proper.  When complying with several laws at any given moment, the simplest and safest thing to do on our side may be silly on yours.  Please be kind & patient.

Bottom line:  Every click of a government employee’s mouse can be traced to a law passed, to include the funding to pay for it.  Woe be the employee who deviates, because that is (by definition) … breaking a law.